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Let's face it, it can be difficult eating enough greens! But not to worry, we offer greens in everything from convenient capsules to great-tasting shakes to delicious bars!

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Clinically Lean? Clinically Lean™

Green Tea polyphenols are well known for their diverse health-promoting effects. Their potent antioxidant properties, as well as their ability to help to balance the inflammatory response can help to protect both cardiovascular and neurological health.* Green Tea polyphenols have been found to have a thermogenic effect, which can help to enhance energy expenditure.

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Food Bar, Active Greens Organic - raw, 12 bars per display box Food Bar, Active Greens Organic - raw, 12 bars per display box

Great tasting, certified organic, raw bar with a nutty flavor; 3000 mg of essential fatty acids per bar.

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Green Tea Green Tea

Cutting edge research on green tea reveals it to be a potent antioxidant supportive of healthy breast tissue and immune functions.

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MultiGreens MultiGreens

A true multifaceted multivitamin/mineral supplement that provides healthy greens, phytonutrients, and enzymes in one complete formula.

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Phyto Fruit & Greens? Phyto Fruit & Greens™

Phyto Fruit & Greens™ is formulated with 37 nutrient-rich ingredients, including alkalizing food sources, such as antioxidant-rich fruit extracts, green superfoods, and a fresh vegetable blend.

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